History of Computer in Nepal

Nowadays most of the organization, schools, colleges, banks etc. use computer record keeping, data based and even for handling their official works. Similarly many people have purchased PCs and Laptops for their home. But if we see the history computer in Nepal, we find that 2028 BS was the arrival of computer for the first IBM1401, a second generation computer, was brought on hire for census by pay Rs.1, 25,000 per month. It took just I year 7months 15days to process the census da The other computer called ICI.2950/10 was brought for the census of 2038BS. It funded by UNDP and UNFPA at 2 million US Dollar. Then 2039 BS onwards many micro computers like Apple, IBM and Vector etc were brought in Nepal.
 Similarly in 2031BS an EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Centre was setup which renamed to National Computer Centre later. But nowadays, there are many comp in Nepal which give computer training and provide services of programming, e-m internet, computer supply and maintenance.

IBM 1401 (2028) – 2nd Generation Computer
At that time British Government helped to develop manpower of NCC. In meantime Nepalese students went to India, Thailand and USA for the com education themselves. In 2039 B.S, microcomputers such as Apple, Vector, 5 ins were imported by private companies and individuals. Many private companies like Computer Consultancy (CC), Management Information Processing System (MIPS), data system International (DSI) etc. were established . Such private companies started selling computer and training people in other to produce manpower in Nepal itself.
 Nowadays, computers with faster processing and larger storage are found cheaply Nepalese market. Students are given computer education from school level. At present Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is the governing body of Nepal