What is BASIC ?

BASIC Programming Language BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is a high level programming languages.. It was developed by Professor John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz in 1964. BASIC gives clear ideas to the learners about the way of writing instructions and executions of the instructions. There are different versions of BASIC. Some of them are BASIC Advanced, GWBASIC, Quick BASIC, Turbo BASIC, Visual BASIC, etc. QBASIC is one of the popular and commonly used versions of BASIC family.

What Is Qbasic?

QBASIC stands for Quick Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instructions Code. It is one of the popular and user friendly high level programming language which was developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA, 1985 AD. This programming language uses English similar words and mathematical symbols to write program codes. QBASIC is interpreter based programming language because it converts one statement of a program          into machine code at a time. QBASIC is very simple and easy to understand because it gives basic concept of programming. So, this language is being most popular for the beginners and learners such as school students. Once you learn QBASIC programming, it will be helpful to learn other high level programming languages such as C, C+ +, java, Dot-Net, etc.

Feature of QBASIC

 QBASIC has many features. Some of them are listed below.

  • QBASIC Editor checks syntax errors automatically.
  • QBASIC capitalizes reversed words itself.
  • QBASIC programs are easier to debug since it is an interpreter based language.
  • OBASIC does not use technical terminology to write statements.
  • OBASIC keeps the same variable name used in a program to identical form.
  • QBASIC allows breaking lengthy programs into modules.
  • QBASIC interprets a statement of a program at a time to CPU.
For Qbasic For Window 10
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