Characteristics of Computer


Today computer has become a part of general lives because of its greater impact. It contain some of important features which made it so popular and useful machine. The following are the common characteristics of computer.


Computers are capable of performing complex type of calculations at a very high speed. It can execute millions of instruction per second. The time taken to perform the task by the computer is measured in fraction of second.
The result obtained from the computer is extremely accurate and error free. Generally computers are 100% accurate machine provided it Correct input. Some time it may produce undesirable result which is due to incorrect input. This term in computer is considered as Garbage in Garbage Out
The computer is one of Versatile machines. It can be used in wide range of application in different fields such as education, entertainment m desktop publishing, communication, agriculture, business, research etc.
Computer is a diligent machine because it can perform complicated and repetitive task very well without losing its speed, accuracy and efficacy. It does not suffer from tiredness and lack of concentration while working.

The computer can store huge amount of data, instruction and software in a small piece of hardware device. It also allows retrieving the stored information easily. The storage capacity of computer is measured in terms of bytes, kilobyte, Megabytes, Gigabytes etc.