Important terms used in computer

  • Data
  • Data Processing
  • Information
  • Program
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Firmware
  • Liveware
  • Data:

Data can be defined as any raw fact, symbols or unprocessed mean need to be processed to produce meaningful result. Data are collected from various sources. Examples of data: Pritam, 14, HETAUDA, BOY, 8 etc. These pieces of data do not give proper meaning without processing.

  • Data Processing:    

The method or procedure of converting data into meaningful information with the help of software is called data processing. It is the overall activity of data manipulation using computer to obtain meaningful information.

  • Information:

The desired result or meaningful output obtained after processing data is known as Information. It is relevant knowledge or processed form of data which gives complete meaning and used for specific purpose. Example of information: PRITAM is a 14 YEARS BOY READS IN GRADE 8 AND LIVES IN HETAUDA.

  • Program:

A program is a collection of sequenced set of codes which instructs the computer to perform particular operation. The computer performs any task following the program instructions. Programs in computer are designed using programming languages.

  • Hardware:

All the physical or tangible parts of computer which can be touched and felt are known as hardware. They are peripheral devices used in computer for specific purpose. Some examples of hardware are Keyboard, mouse, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Monitor, RAM(Random Access Memory), CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory), hard disk etc.

  • Software:

Software is the collection of programs which makes computer work. They are the set of computer programs, booting, procedures and associated documentation related to the effective operation of a computer system. Some examples of software are, MS-Word, Adobe Photoshop, Windows-08 etc.

  • Firmware:

  Firmware is a sequence of instruction (software) which is substituted for hardware and stored in read-only memory. However, with the advancement in technology and the reduction in hardware cost, today, software is also being made available on ROM chip which is known as firmware. So, the program stored in ROM chip is considered as firmware.

  • Liveware:

  The person, user or operator associated in Computer field is known as live ware. They can be the programmers, systems analysts, operating staff, database administrators, hardware technicians and other personnel working in a computer system