Types of Computers

  • Introduction

There are different types of computers developed till today. These computers are classified or grouped in to different types according to their common characteristics such as working principle, purpose , size and capacity etc.

On the basis of purpose, computers are classified in to two types. They are

  • General Purpose computer
  • Special Purpose Computers

General Purpose Computers

The general purpose computers are the commonly used computers which are designed to perform more than one task. These computers are mainly  used in homes, offices etc. For data processing, communications, document designing , spreadsheet calculation, graphic designing etc. The microcomputers such as laptops, pcs, notebooks etc are the general purpose computers.

Special Purpose Computers

The special purpose computers are designed to perform single specific task and have limited area of application. The programs on these computers are loaded ay the time of manufacturing which cannot be changed by the user. The modern washing machines, self-driven cars, etc. are the examples of special computes.

According to the working principle, computers can be categorized into the following three types. They are

On The Basis of working principle

Analog Computer:-

An analog computer or analogue computer is a type of computer that uses the continuously changeable aspects of physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic quantities to model the problem being solved

Digital Computer:-

  This computer works with digits of numbers. A digital computer is a digital machine. Now a days every computer is digital.

Hybrid computer:-

  This computer combines of Analog and Digital computer. A computer which can perform the tasks of both analog and digital computers is called the hybrid computer.

Types of Digital Computer

  • Micro Computers

e.g . IBM(International Business Machine ), Apple Mac,Laptops

  • Mini Computers

e.g .VAX, PDP-II

  • Mainframe Computers

e.g .IBM 1401, CDC ( Control data Cycle) 6600 etc

  • Super Computers

e.g.CRAY-1, CRAY-2, ETA-10 etc

Types of Micro computers

 Desktop Computer

  • They are Designed to be fitted in a desk so they are called desktop computers.
  • They can work Such as book designing, document presentation etc.

Laptop Computers

  • They can be kept on the lap of the users so, they are called laptop computers
  • They are Portable, Handy and they have rechargeable battery .

Handheld Computers

  • The computers are referred to as palmtop computers.
  • Personal digital assistance (PDA) and cellular are example of handheld computer.