सहायक चौथो तह अ.हे.व वा अ.न.मि वा सो सरह पदको MCQ Sets with Answers

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1. What is the name of the disease in man arising out of Vitamin B1 deficiency?

A. Scurvy

B. Beriberi

C. Pellagra

D. Gingivitis

Ans: B

2. The deficiency of which of the following group of nutrients affects the skin ?

A. Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Potassium

B. Riboflacin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Pantothenic Acid

C. Vitamin K, Calcium, Fluorine, Copper

D. All the three

Ans: B

3. What does niacin deficiency cause ?

A. Acne

B. Scurvy

C. Boils

D. Pellagra

Ans: D

4. What are the effects of Vitamin B6 deficiency?

A. Beriberi

B. Scurvy

C. Dermatomyoma

D. Certain types of Eczema

Ans: D

5. Which of the following diseases is associated with Vitamin C deficiency?

A. Psoriasis

B. Scurvy

C. Pellagra

D. Vitiligo

Ans: B

6. What does Vitamin K deficiency lead to ?

A. Problem in digestion

B. Problem in Blood Coagulation

C. Problem in Calcium Metabolism

D. All the three

Ans: B

7. Using purgatives on a regular basis is harmful to health. Which deficiency does it cause?

A. Iron

B. Potassium

C. Iodine

D. Chromium


8. Deficiency of Vitamin D gives rise to :

A. Rheumatism

B. Arthritis

C. Hernia

D. Rickets

Ans: D

9. What is the condition known as, in which the body does not get its fair share of nutrients, either from starvation, or as a result of poor absorption :

A. Marasmus

B. Malnutrition

C. Kwashiorkor

D. Malnutrition & Marasmus

Ans: B

10. Night blindness drying of the conjunctiva, dry and scaly skin and loss of hair are some of the symptoms of :

A. Vitamin K deficiency

B. Vitamin A deficiency

C. Iron deficiency

D. Folic acid deficeiency

Ans: B