What is Computer Networking

To work together, information and sources all the PCs need to be linked with each other and this is done by a PC. PCs are other system gadgets are linked via peer-to-peer connection or client-server connection. Here we will talk about computer networking fundamentals momentarily. You can acquire PC tune-up support from an online pc company for fixing system-related problems.

Let’s take a look at the network types. Generally, there are four main types of computer network systems. These are Local area Networks, metropolitan area networks, Wide area networks, and Wi-Fi LAN/ WAN.

When it comes to computer networking methods, they are of different types. There are Peer-to-Peer Social networking, Client-Server Social networking, etc. Don’t know what is expert to expert networking? In this method of the public press, computers can be directly linked with each other and information could be used directly. For this, both the PC needs to be switched on.

If you want to set up a Peer-to-Peer computer networking then the process is very simple. First, you need to set up the operating systems. Closed down all the PCs and the Wi-Fi wireless router and turn on just one PC that you want to use to set up the Wi-Fi wireless router. Set up the Wi-Fi wireless router and then link all taking part computers to the Wi-Fi wireless router by using an individual RJ-45 wire. You need to use this for each connection. Change on the Wi-Fi wireless router and then turn on the computers after a couple of a few moments. Soon, you will get a pop-up sign of system identification. For Wi-Fi system connection, you need to set up Wi-Fi system cards on all other computers.

On the other hand, in Client-Server computer networking, all the facts and information are saved on the server. This is in fact the anchorman of contact for all the customer computers. Client-server public press offers main back-up functions as well as Internet functions. This public press is more protected than the Peer-to-Peer system.

To set up a Client-Server computer networking System, it is a must to have a server. You may also use your current PC or purchase one server. To use a PC as a server, there should be a 133 MHz or quicker processor, the lowest RAM of 128 MB, and up to 2 GB of free hard drive space. It must also have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. You need to set up a server OS on the server pc.

If you have a plan on creating a system yourselfPsychology Articles, this content will help you. For more support, you can always talk to an expert.