Tricks to Speed Up Internet on Your Android Smartphone

These days all telecom companies are giving 4G sim to their mobile users only. Most of the smartphones also now have mini sim cards. In such a situation, 4G SIM and network are being used. But many times, despite having a 4G network, Internet speed with 4G is not available. Let us tell you the tricks to get 4G internet speed…

Select 4G network manually

As soon as you insert 4G SIM in mobile, the network setting is automatically set to this band. But sometimes you have to set your network manually. Otherwise, the internet speed remains slow in your phone. For this, go to your phone settings and tap the network settings. Here choose 4G or LTE in your Preferred Network Type. Now you will see a difference in the speed of your phone.

Many of your apps speed net

It is not that network setting is the only reason for slowing internet speed in your mobile. Many times the apps present in the phone also reduce the speed of the handset (Apps does slow net speed). For example, many apps consume data in the background. To avoid this, you have to go into the data settings and check which apps are consuming more data in the background.

Removing Cache is also a way

The more files in your phone, the slower the speed. Therefore, Cache should be kept clear from time to time. At least once a week you should keep Cache clear in your phone. You can also take help of Cache Auto Cleaner in App Store.

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