Is it possible to hack mobile from IMEI number?

Everyone here has heard about IMEI number. IMEI number is the most important identity of our smartphone.


Now the question arises if a hacker has IMEI number of our smart phone, how much can he do? Is it possible for someone to hack our phone based on that? Many such curiosities may be arising in your mind regarding the subject of IMEI number.


So every smartphone user needs to know what someone else can do on their phone with the help of IMEI number.


What is IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity Number is abbreviated as IMEI number. This is a special number, which can be easily seen on every mobile phone. If you need to check the IMEI number of your mobile, you can easily find out by dialing * # 06 #.


In this way IMEI number of any mobile can be found. It is commonly used as a mobile phone identifier. In addition, IMEI numbers have a total of two main utilities.


Another is that it is used to track lost mobiles. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you will be asked for this number when you go to the police. The police may even blacklist the number.


However, as technical preparations have not been completed, Nepal will have to wait for some time. In case the Mobile Device Management System-MDMS system is being prepared by the Telecommunications Authority, the IMEI number which has been blacklisted will not be allowed to use any SIM card and make calls and use data on the mobile.


In fact, in the current situation, what the police do is provide the IMEI number of the mobile to various telecommunication companies and try to track if any SIM card is used.


Is Mobile Hack Possible?

If a hacker has an IMEI number on your mobile, what can they do? This can be a very important issue for all mobile users. Hackers can clone your phone based on the IMEI number.


This process is not easy. This is not something that anyone can do. In addition to the IMEI number, a lot of information and information is required to clone a phone. Generally speaking, if your IMEI number is cloned, your IMEI number is being used on another phone.


If a SIM card is used in the phone, it is possible that your mobile phone is being monitored by the regulator and the police. In such a case, the regulatory body may even blacklist both phones tomorrow.


Another important thing is that any mobile can be tracked with the help of IMEI number. But even this is not an easy subject for anyone. In the current situation, this can only be done by the police with the help of telecom companies.


Now the question may arise whether anyone can hack mobile with the help of IMEI number? The simple answer is no.


Hacking here means that someone can access or control a mobile phone. The truth is that with the help of IMEI number, a hacker can find out the number of the SIM card being used in the mobile.


But, for this, the hacker has to hack the entire network in which your mobile is being used and access the entire database of the telecommunication company. Although this is not impossible, it is not an easy subject.


Hackers need a third-party app to gain access to someone’s mobile phone and gain control over what is happening on the phone, which websites are being visited, and who is being texted.


Which needs to be installed on your mobile. If the hacker has succeeded in installing the app on your mobile, then your phone can be hacked.