How to earn money from google at home

Google Adsense is an easy and reliable way to earn money online. If you want to make AdSense a part of your livelihood, this article can be of some help to you.

I have been enjoying blogging for the last 5 years. In the early years I only created blogs and didn’t know much about how to make money from it. When I found out, I realized that blogs can be not only a source of emotion and information, but also a source of income.

 Since then, I have been constantly involved in it and just one month ago, I started my blogging journey from another blog. Let’s take a look at what AdSense is today and how it works, and how much it pays us.

What is Google AdSense?

Generally speaking, most of you know about Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Pay, Google Photos and Google Ads. AdSense is a similar service to Google.

AdSense is an ad network, which is an ad that appears in videos from time to time while we watch movies on YouTube. Similarly, if you are visiting a website, the text that comes in it, which comes in the form of an advertisement. This is content provided by Google’s ad network AdSense.

Let’s first look at advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers: These are people or organizations who want to advertise a service or product. Who advertise their services or products on Google’s ad network.

Publishers: These are people who make money by placing ads from other people or organizations on their websites, blogs or YouTube videos. After the advertiser places the ad, the publisher receives the ad on their channel site.

So advertisers place ads on Google, which Google gives to publishers through AdSense, and publishers take ads through AdSense and make money easily by placing them on their websites, blogs and YouTube videos.

How does AdSense work?

To understand the function of AdSense, we need to understand Google search engine, Google Ad and AdSense.

Google Search Engine: Google is a search engine in which we do some searches every day. When you do a search on Google, some results appear at the beginning of the Google results page which you can see under the search box.

Google has created Google ads to get ads from advertisers.

Google Ads Any person or organization must open an account on this website to advertise their goods, services and business on Google. If you plan to advertise your product, service or anything else on Google, you will need to register with Google Ad and pay for the amount of time you spend on advertising.

AdSense When an organization advertises, the ad serves ads on your YouTube videos and websites that show where the ads are and where they show up.

In which Google takes money from advertisers through advertisements and gives some to the publisher and keeps some to itself. AdSense advertises based on data you’ve previously searched for.

If the advertiser has chosen to show the ad only in the search results, then the ad will not show in other videos and websites.

Notes Publishers will only need to enter the code on their website or blog to receive the ad and will not need to change the ad code.

How to make money with adsense:

There are two ways to make money from AdSense, one by building a website or blog and the other by monetizing YouTube videos.

You can apply for AdSense when you think your YouTube or BlogAdsense guideline is ready.

Due to Kovid, AdSense approval has been delayed. Let’s first understand the information about making money from AdSense through a website or blog.

1. Blogging

In order for you to make money from AdSense using blogging, you need to have a blog in the language that Google supports. Google has not yet approved AdSense for Nepali language.

Creating a blog is a very easy way to start blogging. You can also create a free blog on Blogspot, but it’s best not to use free hosting.

You can also make your blog better by redirecting Blogger’s blog to the domain you want, which can be found here.

After creating a blog, you can sign up for AdSense when you have a website in accordance with AdSense terms. The Google AdSense team will review your blog and approve it if it complies with AdSense policy.

If it is not in accordance with the policy, it is advisable to rectify it by giving a reason and request again. If approved, you can open the door to revenue by putting the AdSense code on your blog. Then, people who visit your website will see the ads on the website and if they click you will see the money in the AdSense account.

Once your AdSense account is over 100 or over 100, Google will send the money to the address provided within the 21st to 26th of the month


2. YouTube
To make money from AdSense through YouTube, you need to create a YouTube channel that is very easy. If you go to YouTube’s website and login with your Google account, your YouTube channel will be ready.

After creating a YouTube channel, you have to create videos and upload them to YouTube channel which is very easy.

Note: If the content of the video is good, your channel and video will quickly become popular and your revenue will also increase.

Monetizing your channel starts when you have a thousand subscribers to your YouTube channel and a time limit of four thousand hours that YouTube has set. It’s easy to monetize YouTube channels. You can easily do this by going to the settings of the YouTube channel.

Creating an AdSense Account:
Now if you have a YouTube channel or blog, you can go to and apply. In a few days, the AdSense team will send you emailed or disapproved information.

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