Microsoft Office Excel Quiz Set 2

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1.____ appear at the bottom of the Excel window.
2. What are the basic rectangular building blocks of a spreadsheet?
3. Which of the following is not a term pertaining to spreadsheets?
4. Another name for a pre-programmed formula in Excel is
5. Excel is a program that is used to prepare a
6. In which tab wrap text feature is present in MS Excel 2007?
7. Which of the following identifies a cell in Excel?
8. Which term is used to join the selected cells in to one cell?
9. Which of the following Excel charts represents only one value for each variable?
10. A formula in Excel always begins with an ____
11. When the CPU detects an interrupt, then it saves its
12. A(n) ____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or rectangular group of cells.
13. What is the extension of saved file in MS Excel?
14. Which command is used to close the window of Excel?
15.What is the total region surrounding the chart?
16. ____ returns the least common multiple.
17. This is not a function category in Excel.
18. How many columns are there in old version of MS Excel?
19. Which bar show the used formula of selected active cell?
20. Typed text showed in active cell and also in ___
21. What is the default row height of MS Excel?
22. Excel documents are stored as files called
23. What refers to the horizontal cells which can contain information?
24. Today motherboard typically use
25. To minimize the currently selected window, press
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