Nepali Calligraphy Fonts Download

Nepali Calligraphy Fonts

The AMSFonts collection is a set of miscellaneous TeX fonts that augment the standard Computer Modern set normally distributed with TeX.

Manthan (मंथन) is a Sanskrit word itself and is also directly linked to the mythology of Hindu Culture as depicted in Bhagavata Purana, in the Mahabharata, where Gods and Devils fight for Amruth. Hence they churn the ocean with a mountain. This process called Manthan.

AMS Manthan Regular is a popular Marathi Font in terms of calligraphy and cultural touch because it deeply reflects the ancient hindu culture. This Marathi font is widely used in Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India. Universities at these areas also use this marathi font to teach students about history of Hindu Mythology. Publishers Use this Marathi Font to publish Sanskrit Books because of beautiful


प्रतिकृया दिनुहोला

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