Operating System Quiz

Welcome to your Operating System Quiz

1. From where we can change the name of an User Account ?
2. Which software is not an file compression utility ?
3. In which situation running applications of an user account remains active ?
4. How can we bring 'My Computer' icon on the desktop if it is not there ?
5. In a PowerPoint Presentation Animation can be repeated how many times
6. Which one is an example of spreadsheet software ?
7. Internet Explorer is used for :
8. The extension of a text file (i.e Notepad file) is :
9. Which software can be used for giving presentation (e.g. product demo) ?
10. The Process of erasing a disk is called :
11. Which effect we see as the slides of a PowerPoint changes over
12. Which one is not an Image Editing software ?
13. A window can have ______ states
14.Which one is not an Image file ?
15. How many scrollbars does a window have in general ?
16. The shortcuts that appears on the Desktop is called :
17. Which one is an example of database designing software ?
18. Notepad is used for :
19. Which one can be used for creating a document (e.g. Annual Report) ?
20. Which one is an example of Word Processing software ?