Here you will find a list of common important questions on microsoft excel in MCQ quiz style with answer for competitive exams and interviews. These frequently asked sample questions on MS Excel are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. Presently we have added total 5 sets of questions on microsoft excel for you to practice. We will keep adding more questions and provide this question bank in PDF format, so that you can download them instantly in E-book style.

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MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software and is part of the widely used MS Office Package. Here you will find a great collection of Multiple Choice (MCQ)Questions in the category of Microsoft Excel with answers. Most of the questions are applicable to all versions of MS Excel (including Excel 97-2003, XP, 2007, 2010, etc.). Sometimes questions from this category is asked as part of the computer operation general knowledge section of the basic computer awareness test.

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Statistical calculations and preparation of tables and graphs can be done using

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A feature that displays only the data in column (s) according to specified criteria

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Which functionin Excel tells how many numeric entries are there ?

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What type of chart is useful for comparing values over categories ?

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What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?

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The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data in Excel is called a

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What type of chart is good for single series of data ?

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How will you graphically represent expenditure in different departments ?

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What do you use to create a chart?

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In Excel, Rows are labelled as ______

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